How to maintan and care for your firearm

Take a class of weapons service, learn to disassemble different weapons and serve them with the right tools in the right way.

Today, most shooters and hunters know little about their weapons in most cases, normally is to clean the barrel of the weapon from time to time. But that's not where the service is needed, but in the trigger mechanism and the bolt, and to serve this you need the required basic knowledge and the right tools.

The course goes through the most common weapons and silencers and their functions, and how to best take care of them. We also go through the history of weapons and tools of knowledge and basic knowledge of ammunition and shooting.

You can also bring your own weapons for service and advice to the course.

The next course is on May 6-7th, we start at 12:00 to 17:00 (12pm to 5pm) Saturday and Sunday.

Price per participant: 2000 SEK (this includes everything needed to service).


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