Hors shoing 2 Juni

How to re-attach a droped horseshoe.

The course is a one day course. Teacher at this course is farrier Jens Brandt Sved, Knivsta and Forging Master Patric Fälldin, Almunge. Teaching takes place in two groups, one group practicing to put shoes on horse hooves (from a slaughterhouse), while the second group learns how to direct shoes and get them to the shape you want, and also tool and material knowledge. The groups switch half way through the course. Comfortable/tough clothing is highly recommended and you should have with you a couple of rough but comfortable gloves. All the necessary tools are available at the site. Dress for the weather, the day is spent outdoors, but under a roof if it rains.

There are 12 places on each course (date and time upon signing up concerns whether there would be a shortage of places). For a course to be implemented requires a minimum of 6 participants.

Gathering at 10:30am, coffee and tea is served, ending about 17:00 after performing proficiency, but can be later if needed.

All participants will receive educational certificates after completing the examination.

Please bring your lunch yourself (there are not so good possibilities to heat food, but for those who want a warm lunch, it takes about 5 minutes to drive from the course location to the local tavern where there are salads, burgers, pizza and other meals). We offer coffee and tea throughout the day.

The cost for the course is 1600 SEK plus VAT, ie a total of SEK 2,000 per participant and is payable in advance by invoice. The application is binding and no refund if you drop out of the course.

Registration and questions can be directed to: patric@pkevent.se


Greets Jens, Patric and Cecilia.

You can find directions to the smithy where the course takes place under Contact