Almunge hunters exam

Together with your classmates you will have learned everything you need
regarding hunting, shooting and wilderness during the course.

Theory is mixed with practical knowledge and is taught by our experts
Pia Lundstedt, Patric Fälldin and Karl-Henrik Gillian. In addition to the basics
you need for your hunter exam, you will also learn weapons and handling, the difference between different types of weapons and ammunition, how to care
for game, dog management and search, shooting, equipment and what you
need to think about in the wilderness.

Almunge Hunters exam - above the ordinary.

Send your application to
Attach complete personal details including full personal and phone numbers.
Mark the mail with "hunters exam"

Practical info

Where: Almunge Smith
Course start: 11 September
The duration of the exam is individual but is estimated at approximately 2 months.

Theory instruction is on Mondays and Thursdays at. 18.30 - 21.15 and shoting is on the weekends.
You will go out with full hunter license and so much more.

The cost of the course is 6500kr. The fee includes the course books that are required.
Ammunition and fire range charges are added. Fika is available.

Course fee is payed to Pk Nordic on bankgiro 5692 5969 Organization number 96968566575.
Mark payment using your name.